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Somatics and the Arts

Pay-what-you-can individual sessions for devoted emerging art students, performers, and writers are provided weekly at my studio in West Seattle, with proceeds to support life-saving services for the most vulnerable members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 


These sessions incorporate elements of Depth Psychology and focus on spontaneous movements, explorations, and somatic skills indispensable for self-expression, intuition, production, and creativity in general. Artists are often called upon to shape their thoughts and emotions into a tangible form by working with their hands and body. For example, they sit or stand for long periods, observing tiny details and colors at close range, using their fingers to write, grasp, move, or assemble small objects. I recognize the need for emergent artists to enjoy their moving bodies, work, and long careers. I want to help them connect, cultivate openness and readiness, and continue to fuel the world's imagination.

There is a full-length mirror in my room and often just before I go to bed at night I look at myself. I see the same harmony and balance and strength that is shown in the compositional balance of a great drawing. I see an aesthetic thing operating here, there is a basic correctness of line. The line of the leg is different, the foot, the neck, the wrists, the arms. It gives me a deep sense of confidence that these changes have been affected at such an age...I have a renewed interest in using my body. I can walk further, and swim further than I could a few years ago.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       —D.M, student of Lulie Westfeldt, Alexander Technique Teacher​


Marco’s hands are a rare find in this world. When he touches and gently adjusts or guides your body it feels effortless and collaborative, and very very gentle. It is difficult to describe these sessions to others; it feels like a combination of Alexander Technique and a constellation of other modalities, including energy work (though I don’t normally pursue energy work in its traditional forms, and he doesn’t advertise it as such) and somatic therapy. I’ve personally experienced a number of profound moments during these sessions.

Come to Marco if you are a creative soul with an open heart and a desire to know and your body in a deeper, more intuitive way. We live in a world generally starved for touch (as a gay man I find it particularly hard to find touch with other men that is safe and not sexualized, as I’m sure many women do as well), and his is a touch that comes with full trust, attention, respect and sincerity. Marco also has a real passion for helping those in the arts, and as a graphic designer I’ve appreciated the understanding and guidance that comes from paying attention to the subtleties of how I approach my body in my craft.

You’ll be doing yourself a service to experience Marco's complex healing simplicity.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              —Forrest Martin, Designer and Art Director

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