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private sessions (frequently asked questions)​

How long is a session?

A single session is 45 minutes long, and, for the Alexander Technique, the recommended practice block is 6 to 12 weeks. You will be in a private setting working one-on-one with me. In my studio, you will find a quiet environment, soft lighting, and an open space with a chair, a table, a mirror, and a mat to work on the floor if necessary. During the session, we might use other props like foam pads, rubber bands, or blankets. 

What is your cancellation policy?

I have a 48-hour cancellation policy (excluding weekends and holidays). Please contact me by phone or email to cancel and reschedule your session. Appointments missed without notification will be not refundable. However, I will use my best judgment in instances of personal emergencies.

What is your service fee?

My fee is $160 for a 45-minute individual session. I also reserve time for sliding-scale appointments and I offer pay-what-you-can somatic practice for emergent artists, performers, and writers. Browse the section Somatics and the Arts for more information or contact me directly to schedule these appointments at

What happens in a session and what to wear?

Sessions generally start standing or lying down on a table or the floor, followed by sitting and standing again. I will guide you with my hands and give you sensorial feedback along your body. You will soon learn spatial awareness, when and where you are overworking, and how to achieve the most useful body tone quality. You might also learn about tension, trauma, or neuromuscular patterns and habits. After a few weeks of foundational work, you might explore activities to manage your pain or to release your stuckness. During the session, you are wearing your comfortable clothes and socks, and you might take your shoes off.

Do you give sessions in creative workspaces or at home?

Yes, for people with severe mobility issues, I do offer some limited sessions in your home or studio. The session requires a quiet and clean place, a comfortable mat for the floor, and a chair.  Please contact me directly if you have questions regarding this service at

How to prepare for the first session?

Plan to be on time. Commit to the process from the beginning, stay curious, and let the moment guide you. Somatic practice is a creative process for health, productivity, and well-being. You can learn about the wisdom and the language of your body from the first session, so dedication and consistency are key elements for improvement. 

Do you design workshops or classes for groups?

Yes, I do. I design customized workshops and other classes for groups. Energized and creative teams who are motivated and who care for themselves and others don’t have to be a far-off vision. Please contact me via email to share a brief and plan the initiative at

What are the beneficial effects of a private session?

In general, individuals experience a sense of lightness, calmness, heightened sensory and spatial awareness, and upright balance. Other benefits may include improved muscular tone and coordination, more energy, alertness and connectedness, increased clarity and prolonged focus, access to critical thinking and creativity flow, greater enjoyment of work and life.

I went to Marco to help me with some of the tightness I felt in my upper chest and shoulders. I’m a writer and I play guitar and spend a lot of time hunched over. Marco was so good at raising my awareness of how I was holding my body and helping me to feel a new way of holding my body and posture.

I left the session feeling lighter, chest open, with reduced anxiety, and a sense of well-being. It did improve my mood and was worth the drive from home. Marco also has incredibly positive energy and a beautiful sense of touch. His studio is nice and it’s a very safe space in which to explore how to move more freely and heal from pain and repetitive holding patterns.

                                                                               —Adam Lesser, Writer and Musician

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