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This form gives you information about the Alexander Technique and seeks your consent to be professionally guided, including touch, for somatic and educational purposes.


You are here informed that the practitioner of the Alexander Technique is not a state-licensed therapist, nor is he a physician or surgeon, nor will such practitioner ever discourage you from contacting a licensed medical professional at your discretion. The Alexander Technique is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment when such attention is needed.

You have read the office policies, understand them, and agree to participate in one-on-one sessions under these conditions. No guarantee or promises of cure have been, or will be, made. There are no other agreements, oral or written, between you and the Alexander Technique practitioner. All your questions have been answered and fully explained to your satisfaction. 

Payment is to be made before each session and is not refundable. Accepted forms of payment include PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or checks made out to Marco Beghin. Confirmed appointment times will be reserved. If a session needs to be canceled for any reason, makeup times will be offered, however, the client is expected to reschedule such appointments at least 48 hours in advance.


It is with this understanding that all information shared by the client during scheduled appointment services provided is strictly confidential.


By accepting the terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you have read this Disclosure and Consent Waiver form, fully understand its contents, and voluntarily consent, of your own free will, to its provisions and the Alexander Technique service provided.​

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