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Move through anything that stands in the way of
your health and creativity. 

In-person and online somatic practice with AmSAT-Certified Alexander Technique Teacher and Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner Marco Sante Beghin.

Unlike talk therapy, the purpose of somatic practice is to unearth unconscious habits, movement patterns, structural tensions, and emotional material in the body that can be changed to resolve your pain, agitation, disconnection, and creative blocks while nourishing your work and passions.

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All are welcome

My name is Marco Sante Beghin.

I am a somatic practitioner based in Seattle, Washington, and I help individuals and groups feel connected and prolific at their work by sharing a safe pathway to embodiment, healing, and creativity.

Marco gets bodies and all of their painful and exuberant complexity. He has deep insight into how bodies move, how they are linked to the mind, and how they express our souls.

                                                  —Erik Fabian, Artist and Entrepreneur

Why somatic practice?

Most of us have energy, confidence, motivation, healing wisdom, and imagination that we don’t fully experience and do not know how to access through the body. This somatic practice will provide you with an entry point for lifelong well-being, productivity, and personal transformation to sustain your work as a creator and your bond as a community. 


Somatic practice may be good for:


Finding support, energy, and vitality

Managing stress, fear, and anxiety

Improving confidence and self-image

Increasing focus and clarity

Changing unhelpful habits and assumptions

Enhancing posture and muscular tone

Finding relief from pain, injuries, and stress

Alleviating trauma in the body

Freeing movement and breath

Cultivating relatedness to nature, things, and others

Navigating change, upheaval, and uncertainty

Unlocking creative power


My specialities

Alexander Technique


Discover uprightness, in stillness and movement, and learn to release tension from unuseful habits to bring ease to mind/body/breath.

Somatic Experiencing®


Learn and practice somatic strategies to self-regulate, resolve trauma, and feel more connected to yourself and others.

Workplace Embodiment

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Bring your somatic learning to the office to find relief and lead effectively amid stress, pain, and unpredictability.



Practice intuition and generativity to deepen the expression of the body as gateway for meaning and soul-making.

I’ve known for quite some time that my body had locked itself into numerous uncomfortable and unhealthy habits of movement. As an artist, I sit for hours at a time in front of an easel, and although it can be wonderful to become lost in the visual activity of the process, losing sight of how the body is not only positioned but moving (or, more importantly, not moving) throughout the process can weigh heavily on the entire act of creation.

Working with Marco – and benefiting from the wisdom of his many years of work, as well as his calm, clear teaching methods–helped me begin to re-align the act of looking with the acts of movement. Although I am only just beginning to explore what all of that might mean, there is no doubt that increasing my awareness of tension and weight throughout my body has already allowed for more fluid movement, and, in tandem, more fluid creativity as well.

—Mark W. Leonard, Artist

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